Who is Jim Lippens?

– Human potential expert

– Creator 4D Lean model & 4D Lean ‘pizza’

– Lead & learn by example

– Ran through all phases from 2D to 4D+ (see 4D Lean model)

– Founder Harada Instituut Benelux

– Co-founder of 4D Lean Event

– Founder of Happiness-at-work.be congress

– Co-founder Happiness-Movement.World

– Creator of 4D Lean Scan & DQ (dimensional quotient)

Who is Jim Lippens?


From an early age Jim was under the spell of football. What many don’t know is that he is up age 10 also engaged in tarot cards and palmistry. Although Jim initially wanted to become a plastic surgeon, he graduated as an Industrial Engineer Textiles (at the direction of his father).

Continuous Improvement

Jim started his professional career in the automotive sector in 1996, where he joined the Continuous Improvement Team, and later was certified by UNC Plus Delta as a Master Blackbelt Six Sigma.
10 years later, Jim accepted an offer as Continuous Improvement Manager in the textile sector. When Jim took a “Lean expert” training in 2008, the first 2 days was about “the human factor” and Jim felt (to say the least) little affection with that theme. This would change later …
During that period his interest mainly went to the “hard side” of Lean, with a focus on aspects such as: improving processes, reducing times, improving quality and reducing downtime.

Myers-Briggs (MBTI)

A Myers-Briggs personality test in the same year showed that Jim with his ISTJ profile (Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging) really could be counted among the “left brain” managers. When Jim realized this, it was the beginning of a true transformation.
After all, he wanted to quickly discover and integrate the positive aspects of the other personality types in order to become a “more complete” person.

Personal development

Over the next 12 years, Jim would follow more than 50 training courses around the world (including the Harada Method, Scrum, QLA, but also NLP, connecting communication, spiritual life lessons and true heart connection).
Under the motto “only learn from the best”, he personally met Norman Bodek, Jef Staes, Ritsuo Shingo, Paul Akers, Takashi Harada, Jeff Sutherland, Deepak Chopra, Dan Pena and Abraham Hicks. (see also: Learn by example)
In addition to personal development in a professional field, Jim also deepened his youth passion for football, and obtained his UEFA coaching diploma from the KBVB.

Lead by example

In 2012 Jim was asked whether he wanted to lead a department (in a state of advanced disbandment and in dark red figures) of 100+ employees. Jim had one “direct report” at the time, and was given only a 2-day reflection period. Jim thought this was a great challenge, as he knew the potential of the processes and operators as an improvement manager and agreed.
From day 1 as a plant manager, Jim experienced that “skills” as a manager are totally subordinate to “attitude”. Jim strived to be an example to his department and to lead it as a modern “people manager“.

How do you make an organization flourish?

The department and its employees flourished completely. With a contemporary approach in which trust, engagement, authenticity, continuous improvement, passion & talent, innovation, agility, vulnerability, the Harada method, self-reliance, self-realization, balance and happiness@work were central, this department became an example for Flanders.
Numerous prominent Flemish companies, but also a delegation of Arsenal FC paid a department visit to witness this metamorphosis.
Several patents were also devised in the department.

4D Lean and the Harada Method

Jim wanted to visualize all phases of his approach and the effect per phase on one A4 page and called this ‘summary’ the ‘4D Lean’ model. In 2016 he translated the book ‘The Harada Method’ into Dutch and shortly afterwards he founded the Harada Institute Benelux.
Jim is now co-founder of the 4D Lean Event, and there is the famous 4D Lean Scan, with which you can discover your own DQ (dimensional quotient) and 4D Lean profile and check to what extent your employer/client matches you.

Happiness@Work: part of a mission

When the management decided in 2016 to stop the activities of the department at the request of the new shareholders, the disappointment and disbelief of all involved was enormous.
The fear in the eyes of the employees, the impotence against the inexorable attitude of shareholders, were partly at the basis of the founding of the Happiness@Work conference (https://www.happiness-at-work.be), an annual Be-Ne event in Flanders, in which the importance of happiness at work and the human factor is put in the spotlight.

In the meantime, the convention expanded into a veritable, booming movement with hundreds and soon thousands of pioneers worldwide. (https://happiness-movement.world)

Infinite possibilities

The organization of the conference was one of 32 personal goals that Jim set for himself in 2018 (and which he also achieved one by one). Via the Harada Method he permanently proves that nothing is impossible, if you really believe in it.

In 2017, Jim went to work for another 2 years as a Lean manager in the construction sector, but he lacked purpose and became even more aware of his calling to contribute to “the bigger picture”.

When Jim underwent another MBTI test in 2018, his profile was found to have evolved into ENFP (Extravert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving). A confirmation of the total broadening and turnaround in personality, as envisaged in 2008 …


Since 2020, Jim has also focused on other social problems associated with, among other things, the aging of the population and dementia.

The continuous learning trajectory in recent years has brought Jim to his life mission:
For the rest of his life he wants to dedicate himself to …
help 10 million people finding the way to success, balance, happiness… and themselves.

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