What is the Harada method?

The Harada method is a unique, structured approach and philosophy, originating from Japan, which enables you to achieve all of your personal and/or professional goals and dreams while finding balance at the same time. If you want to be ‘self-reliant’ (confident, independent, assertive, and self-managing) to finally reach what you really want, make sure to read on.

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The Harada method: something for you?

The Harada Method is for everyone: individuals, people with goals and dreams, coaches, managers, employees, etcetera. The method offers you the tools and a lasting structure you need for unprecedented success in setting: • Personal goals • Group or company objectives Once you gain a deeper insight into your personal motives, you will learn to structure your goal. Through a self-selected mix of results (tasks) and balance (routines), you will come closer to realizing the impossible step by step. The feeling of achieving your goals and dreams will make you long for more!

The Harada method is the way to get results

Development on a personal or professional level. Every goal becomes achievable!

  • Double your turnover in 3 months
  • Lose 50 lb
  • Run your first marathon
  • Publish your first book in under 3 months
  • Increase your productivity by 15% in 1.5 months
  • Find a balance

Everything you have always wanted so badly but never managed to do. Until now that is! With the help of your personal Harada trainer, you will succeed!


Takashi Harada

Takashi Harada is the founder of the Harada method. For years he was looking for the ‘Golden Formula’. From his experience as an athletics coach and through years of trial & error, he developed his now famous technique, philosophy and lifestyle. Moderate athletes were transformed by T. Harada into gold medal winners at the Japan National Athletics Championships through self-management. For more details click here.

About the Master Trainer

Jim Lippens is a famous keynote speaker and inventor of the 4D Lean’ model. He introduced the Harada method in the Benelux and translated the book The Harada Method’ in 2016. In 2018 he gave the good example: He created 32 personal goals and realized them one by one!

Book: the Harada method?

The book by Norman Bodek gives you a perfect introduction and insights about the method and its results:

The Harada Method, the Spirit of Self-Reliance

The Human Side of Lean

A step by step process for setting and achieving personal and corporate goals

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