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Did you know that in addition to IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient), there is also DQ (dimensional quotient)?

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Welcome to the ‘4D Lean Scan’ page!

Did you know that in addition to IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient), there is also DQ (dimensional quotient)?

The dimensional quotient is expressed in ‘D’ and gives an idea of your life, how you think/feel/act, and what is important to you.

Further development starts with insight and self-knowledge/awareness.

Did you know that there is a constant ‘shift’ going on, and that ‘Millennials/Generation Y’ (1981-1995) score differently than ‘Generation X’ (1961-1980) or ‘Generation Z’ (1996-2010)?

How do you score?

  • Take the 4D Lean scan individually if you want to learn more about yourself.
  • Are you responsible for an organization and do you want to screen the match with your employees from an organizational perspective? Then go to the Professional Scan.


You want to know your result on an individual basis and possibly also estimate your work or client?
Take the individual scan completely free of charge and gain insight into:

  • What ‘dimensional’ type are you?
  • What is your Dimensional Quotient (DQ)?
  • How is your individual “4D pizza”?
    (see also 4D Lean model)
  • Where does your growth potential lie?
  • Which organization suits you best?
  • How big is the match (%) with your current organization?
  • How big is the gap (D) with your current employer or client?

Duration individual scan: 8-10 mins

You will receive your personal ‘4D Lean Scan’ report by e-mail. Free!

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You are responsible for an organization and want to gain insight into:

  • What types of employees work in your organization?
  • What is the average Dimensional Quotient (DQ) per group of employees?
  • What is the target DQ of your organization?
  • What is your ideal ‘organizational pizza’ and what is it like in reality (= your employees)?
    (see also 4D Lean model)
  • Where does the growth potential of your organization lie?
  • Which employees fit best or are missing in your organization?
  • How big is the match (%) between your organization and its employees?
  • How big is the average gap (D) between the organization and your employees?
  • Differences between organization and (groups of) employees: question per question, or for themes: vision & strategy, result, leadership, culture & mindset and personality & behavior.
  • Use this tool also as a selection for recruitment.

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Buy credits according to your organization size and receive a detailed report with advice for your organization and employees. A personal video call is optional.

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