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  • Are there things on your bucket list that you can’t get ticked off?
  • Are you searching for what really makes you happy?
  • Do you wish success and/or balance?
  • Do you have dreams that seem impossible to reach at the moment?

Was the answer “yes” at least once?
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4D Lean

4D Lean also means: “organization from the heart”. We try to make people and organizations evolve into better versions of themselves step by step. We do this with a people-focused, respectful approach with an eye for passion, talent, innovation, vulnerability, and meaning. In this rapidly changing world, order, simplicity, agility, connection, and personal leadership are more important than ever.

4D Lean & Jim Lippens

Jim Lippens is the inventor and founder of “4D Lean”. He spent over 20 years in various sectors — including 5 years as a plant manager — to understand every secret of lean management. Jim brought the “Harada method” to the Benelux, and started to focus more on personal leadership, motivating employees, and sustainable employability. Due to his practical approach and his authentic, vulnerable style, Jim is known as one of Europe’s leading experts in the field of happiness@work.
Feel free to read more on the Jim Lippens page.

The 4D Lean philosophy

Self-actualization is one of the greatest motivators on the road to happiness. 4D Lean guides you in structuring and realizing all of your goals and dreams, with an eye for personal balance and well-being. We will also help you choose or create the right environment.
To do so, we use the “4D Lean model” as our guide. This model is simultaneously a philosophy, a model of consciousness, and a language. It simplifies communication and gives you a better insight into where you stand as a person or as an organization. Step by step we guide you … towards your ultimate happiness.

Learn more about the 4D philosophy

Reach your goals in life with Harada and 4D Lean?



Are you happy? Do you get energy from work or leisure time? More and more people are out of balance and therefore not happy. The Harada method might help you! Discover testimonials of our trainees.

4D Lean events

4D Lean hosts dozens of trainings, workshops, and events for both individuals and organizations every year. We can provide in-company workshops, as well as group trainings on location or personal one-on-one sessions. How can you increase the productivity of your organization? How do you start setting up self-managing teams? Or do you have particular self-development goals in mind? Tailor-made training courses are possible as well.
A brief overview of the upcoming training sessions can be found at Training.
Keynotes and events are bundled on the Events page.

Our mission

Our mission is to grow as many people and organizations as possible and to guide them in their search for happiness, balance, and success.
We help organizations realize that a 0D or 1D approach simply has no future.
We support you to evolve towards a sustainable environment with a mix of 2D, 3D, and 4D(+) elements, based on their own preference and maturity. (Also see the Model page)

By 2035, we want to have launched a movement that has reached 10 million people.

This is our contribution to a better world.

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